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Signs of Opiate Addiction

Many of the sings of addiction begin to set in within just a few uses of a drug but to the soon to be addict, or to those who care about the individual, these signs may be difficult to recognize. Dramatic changes begin to take place over time and most, if not all, of these changes are negative and not very welcome. Over the period of a few weeks or months, the signs of opiate addiction begin to really set in and ultimately, the symptoms of addiction can no longer be reasonably concealed by the addict. Taking a toll on both their physical and psychological well-being, addiction can wreak havoc on the lives of both the individual suffering from the addiction and on all those who interact with and care about the addict.

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Physical Signs of Opiate Addiction

The addict will often have poor coordination and slurred speech while they are using opiates. Extreme fatigue is also common when opiates are used and this can be paired with bouts of energy that come in bursts. Intravenous drug abusers such as heroin addicts or those who shoot prescription medications through their veins using a needle often have track marks or needle marks on the limbs, extremities or various other parts of their body. Opiate addiction can also lead to severe constipation which will cause the immediate and sometimes long term need for laxatives in order to help the addict maintain regular bowel control.

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Most of these physical signs of opiate addiction can be seen by those who interact with the individual who is addicted to the drug. If you happen to notice that someone you care about is showing any of the above signs of opiate addiction, consider confronting them about their situation and, if they are addicted, help them find the treatment that they need. Opiate addiction can lead to overdose or even death and should not be left untreated.

Other Signs of Opiate Addiction

Various other signs of opiate addiction may become present if an addict is regularly using drugs. Performance at work, home or school may be jeopardized and there could even be consequences that result from this lack of effort such as expulsion, suspension or demotion. Legal problems may arise including arrests for things like drug possession, DUI, or acting out while under the influence. Financial problems are also a common sign of opiate addiction as the addict will often spend bill money on drugs, borrow or lie to get money for drugs, and may even lose their job as a result of their drug abuse. These signs of opiate addiction may or may not be easy for others to recognize and see.

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