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Opiate Treatment Centers

Treatment centers provide patients with a safe, secure and monitored environment where they can get help for various aspects associated with physical and psychological dependence on a wide range of drugs. Opiate treatment centers provide their clients with effective opiate addiction treatment in an environment where they can focus their time, efforts and every aspect of their day on recovery from this dangerous and sometimes even deadly addiction. The two most common types of opiate treatment centers include residential or inpatient opiate treatment centers and outpatient opiate treatment centers.

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Treatment Options

Residential Opiate Treatment Centers

For individuals who have the most difficult to treat addictions to opiates, such as those who have suffered from addiction for a very long time or those who are a danger to themselves or others as a result of their opiate addiction, residential opiate treatment centers provide the safest place for recovery. These facilities are typically in a hospital-like setting that includes nurses, doctors and other medical staff who can monitor the patient while they undergo opiate detox and provide them with appropriate medical care to ensure their safety.

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Residential opiate treatment centers allow patients to live in the facility and provide all meals, necessary accommodations and medical care while the patient is in treatment. This ensures that not only does the patient have limited or no access to the drugs and influences of the world outside, it also ensures that the patient is safe and secure. The focus of residential treatment is on overcoming physical dependence and then later dealing with any mental health conditions or psychological dependence that the patient has on opiate based drugs. Psychological issues are handled through individual and group counseling or therapy sessions that may include behavior modification techniques or other managed care.

Outpatient Opiate Treatment Centers

For individuals who do make their way through the inpatient or residential treatment program without a hitch, the next step of treatment for opiate addiction is typically outpatient care. Outpatient opiate treatment centers offer counseling and therapy as well as certain medical services to patients during their scheduled business hours. These facilities are an excellent transition for patients from inpatient care back home or into society and can often help patients with other issues such as finding a job, finding a sober living home or getting an education.

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Not all recovering addicts who enter outpatient treatment will have completed an inpatient program. For those who have a significantly strong support system at home, those who are heavily involved in their work or in the community or the breadwinners of a family, outpatient treatment centers can provide the right level of counseling and care without the burden of being stuck in a facility around-the-clock and having to give up other important matters in their life. For these individuals, outpatient treatment can still provide an effective means of helping the addict to make a full recovery.